28 February 2015


It's been a fabulous February, and we're heading straight toward March with marvelous finds right and left! 
As we are jumping into
“Spring Gear” – here
We want to invite you to Sisters & Bloom
to do some SHOPPING
Shop soon!
Hours begin in March
To be open Mondays 11 – 5
Tuesdays – Wednesdays by chance or appointment
Thursdays – Fridays 11 – 5
Saturdays 10 – 5

19 February 2015


Spread the word...YOU MUST SEE SISTERS!!! More new displays than ever before! We can't give away all the surprises...so come, come, come...one and all!!

03 February 2015

A little dab'll do ya!

We've got a little of this and a lot of that...a splash of color...a bit of inspiration...a pot o' treasure! Come discover your little dab that'll do ya!!
Check out our other dib dabs online for lots more eye candy. 
And of course stop by the stores to buy your faves!!!
February Store Hours: Monday and Friday, 11am - 5pm
and Saturday, 10am - 5pm
Please call ahead as we may be open by chance other days of the week!

27 January 2015

So this is love...

We adore lovely things...
Especially around this time of year if you have the January blues. 
Take in the moments curled up by the fireside.
And do the things that make you feel like royalty.
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's so nice to know you can gather the gifts that whisper "I love you" - and know you're giving a most unique treasure.
Let your heart be open!
There's no time to waste...
Find those 'somethings' in our shops that make you say...
 "So this is love..."

20 January 2015

You Simply Must See!!

Oooooeeeeee, you simply must see!!! 
Sisters Garden and Bloom are going re-do CRAZY!!!
2015 is bringing in new digs with a fresh eye,
with SO much to see, and so much more to BUY!
We're not just gonna give away the surprises in-store, 
you'll have have to come see new designs, rearranges, and more!
So much to love and so much to see,
it's time to come visit your Sister's family!
It's a MUST♦SEE♦SEASON at Sisters Garden and Bloom!!!

15 January 2015

A Fresh Glow!

It's that wonderful time of year again, when everything takes on a new glow and a new life! We have fresh treasures here at the stores and for your home - for all things bright and beautiful!