24 August 2015

Life has Many Layers!

Life has many layers - and we believe in the 'layered look'! Come by the shops and add some dimension to your life!
When you stop in our two stores, look and look some more for the treasures that are obvious and treasures that are hidden.
Oh hi, Magpie!
Wonderful FOUND things are sometimes right in front of you,
and sometimes they take a little digging.
When you stop in, make sure to "look under all", to find those somethings that bring you great joy! Come see the MANY LAYERS of Sisters Garden and Bloom!

11 August 2015

Wonder-Filled Goods!

Come by for another wonder-filled August day, at a place where you can play! Many wonder-filled goods that can't wait to make your acquaintance! Take a few moments to treat yourself and see what's in-store at Sisters Garden and Bloom! We'll see you soon!

04 August 2015

Must-Haves at Sisters and Bloom!

It's a must-have summer at Sisters and Bloom!! For all of your needs right now!...Unique furniture pieces, accessories, new and old, antiques and collectibles, all things birdie, candles, soaps, and many more delights! Come see!
Time to snatch up all of the one-of-a-kinds finds here! See you soon!

23 July 2015

 Click the link below to check out the most recent Press-Citizen write-up on Sisters Garden and Bloom!

21 July 2015


The stores are warmed with new displays, new merchandise and SUMMER'S BOUNTY! Today's the day to take it in!

20 July 2015

We have creatures great and small!

Among all of the lovely things, Sisters Garden creatures abound!!! Drive by to see our big chickie in the house, and come in for all of our other feathered, furred and scaled friends!
Get crabby with flower frogs - we have a HUGE selection of ALL kinds!
Pretty fish make this a fancy birdbath...perfect as a plant stand, too!
We have WONDERFUL handmade soaps like this one made with GOAT MILK and oatmeal - exfoliating and oh, so soothing.
Deer, deer and more deer...gotta have deer!
The furry friends at Sisters and Bloom would love to see you next time you need to slip away. Summer at Sisters is calling!