More good news! We are gonna be OPEN Mondays, too, this SUMMER just for YOU! We like to keep our shoppers happy, happy, happy!! Six days a week of SISTERS and BLOOM retail therapy.☺Thank you.

02 July 2014

Charm of Farm tee.shirts

A new endeavor for our owner of Sisters Garden & Bloom!! Reaching the world with our trademarked brand Charm of Farm tee.shirts. Within our 12 designs, we hope to draw awareness to supporting family farmers. Farming has my heart. Let's dig in, let's respect farmers, let's be kind, let's buy local, buy fresh, and keep our country strong and from its roots.
simple & yummy!
made hot-and-oh-so-soft! wear this one proudly.
 vintage look & true love.
 simply yummy soft.
simple. but says a lot! 
make a statement with this yummy tee! 
one of our best sellers! simply said! 
 simply soft & yummy!
our best seller!
 you will LOVE to wear this soft & comfy tee!
 the real deal. a fun tee to wear with Jesus as our FOUNDATION in life.
dig in with this tee. 

30 June 2014

Picture Time!

We can't believe June sweet June has been here, and is almost gone! We've been busy at the shops enjoying the summer so far! Check out some pics of a few fun finds we've gotten in, and then come on by for treasure hunting in July!!!
 Much to see, much to gather, much to take home, and much to LOVE! Come on by in July!!!